X-Ray Vision & Will of Steel

Aaron Schliem, CEO/Co-Founder

After completing degrees in International Relations and Molecular Biology at the University of Wisconsin, Aaron set off for Chile, where he began his first language company with a focus on writing and editing scientific journal submissions for Chilean scientists and on developing unconventional language learning plans for motivated professionals.

Upon his return to the US, all roads led to Seattle where Aaron joined two linguists and a software developer to launch Glyph Language Services in 2001. With the sweat of our collective brow, and never forgetting that language is more an art than a science, Glyph has seen robust growth, our message resonating first with the top businesses and organizations in the US Pacific Northwest and eventually with clients worldwide.

As CEO, Aaron drives Glyph's strategic vision, which is oriented toward mobile application localization, games & multimedia localization and specialized terminology consulting and data development. With machine translation emerging as a viable tool to decrease localization costs, Aaron is driving Glyph's implementation of machine translation focusing on innovative strategies to improve post-editing speed and translator satisfaction.

Mark Truluck, CTO/Co-Founder

Born and raised in Atlanta, Mark chose to attend the Georgia Institute of Technology while also serving in the Marine Corps Reserve. Subsequently Mark held several consulting positions for a number of prominent local technology companies.

Seeking change, Mark moved to Seattle to work for Microsoft, and greatly enjoyed his time working in both the Encarta group as well as on the Visio product in Microsoft Office. During this time, Mark helped found Glyph and advised on technology matters for the company.

After leaving Microsoft, Mark joined Glyph full time as CTO to advance the internal project management system as well as create custom technology solutions for customers.

Mark has a passion for software engineering and keeping abreast of the latest trends on the web. Mark works with Aaron to explore the intersection of language, web and mobile technologies and helps keep Glyph both a leader and an innovator in the industry.